Monday, September 12, 2011


I love the things kids say and the way that they think. Here are a few of my favorite ones.
Child: "I love living in the US. My dad is a fire hydrant."
Teacher: "Your dad is a fire fighter?"
Child: "Yes, a fire hydrant."
Teacher: "Fire.... fighter."
Child: "Fire.... fydrant."
Child: "You were my principal last year."
Me: "I'm your principal this year, too."
Child: "Oh, are you still the teachers' principal this year too?"
A kindergarten student was walking to the bus making large straight-armed alligator chomp motions. She looked at me sweetly and said, "See ya' later crocodile." :) Yep... in a while alligator!
I was walking past the girls' restroom and heard a small voice say, "How does this work..." Then SPLOOOSSHHHH... The same voice said "Oh!"
New 1st grade term for the principal's office - the Schloss room.
Two brothers at Open House - Kindergarten and 2nd grade.
Big brother tells the younger, "It's against the rules to run in the hallway."
Little brother, "Oh, ok. Can we run in the classrooms?"
Big brother, "No, unless the teacher isn't looking."'
Incoming Kindergarten student asked me if my Washington office was where I live. When I told her that I lived in a house with my family, she looked skeptical. Later, she looked at a picture of my husband and asked me who he was. "I said, he is my husband, Mr. Schloss." She said, "Oh,... so he's your dad?"
At the bus exchange, a 1st grader walked up with a May-day basket full of candy. He said, "If I come to your house to leave this, and you catch me, you have to kiss me." I said, "How about a hug right now, and we'll call it even?"
The new and improved grocery store opened and business was booming! A kindergarten student shared that there was going to be a zoo in the new grocery story. Teacher: "A Zoo?" Student: "Yes, my parents said it was a zoo in there!"
After listening to kindergarten students read a story about the "pug Bud dug a pit and hid a bun," I said, "I wouldn't want to eat that bun now!" The student said, "No, it would be a sandburger!"
Teacher to Student: "This is Mr. Schloss. Mr. Schloss and Mrs. Schloss are married."
Student to Teacher: "By the muffin man."
 Kindergarten - "Mrs. Sha-loss, I like your hair. It looks like my grandma."
1st Grade - "I don't remember what I drew, but it must have been good because I won!" (He won the "drawing" to choose a book from the book fair.)

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