Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do You Cha Cha?

Cha Cha is a free information service. People can text limitless types of questions to 242-242 (cha-cha) and receive answers in 1-5 minutes.

I learned about Cha Cha from my teenagers.  This is a go-to source of information and entertainment for my daughter. During the last year we have "cha-cha-ed" to find out:
  • How is powdered milk made?
  • Can two baby birds hatch from one egg? (sparked from a family conversation about The Decorah Eagles.
and of course...
  • How does olive oil lose its virginity?
When I realized that my daughter was using Cha Cha, it reminded me of a story that I heard last year about a kindergarten student.  The teacher asked the class how they could find out how snow is made. Her goal was to talk about encyclopedias. One kindergarten student piped up, "If I had one of those fancy phones, I would look it up on Google."

I have noticed that our family tends to use Cha Cha most when we are out and about, having conversations, and are curious about random things. More and more frequently I catch myself saying, "Hey, let's Cha Cha that." Tonight, we were talking about the third Decorah eagle egg. The discussion meandered from "Do you think it will hatch?" to "What will the eagles do if it doesn't?" and then "Can two eaglets hatch from one egg?" Our family conversation didn't end with us all wondering. We just asked Cha Cha, and learned something new!

So, what do you say? Do a little dance...? Try cha cha!

ChaCha is like having a smart friend you can call or text for answers on your cell phone anytime for free! ChaCha works with virtually every provider and allows people with any mobile phone device - from basic flip phones to advanced smart phones - to ask any question in conversational English and receive an accurate answer as a text message in just a few minutes.
What’s your question?
Simply text your question to 242242 (spells ‘ChaCha’) or call 1-800-2ChaCha (800-224-2242) from your mobile phone to ask any question. What are you waiting for? Ask away!

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